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Providing Answers to the Questions We Frequently Get

Welcome to our FAQ page! If you’ve got questions about the tree service we offer, you’re in the right place. From how we can help your trees to what you can pay with, you’ll find answers here. Let’s get into it.

What services do you offer?

Next Generation Landscaping and Tree Service LLC handles all kinds of tree work. Need a tree or stump removed? Our tree removal company is here to do that. We also take care of mulching, flower beds, and hardscaping. If it’s about making your yard look great and keeping your trees healthy, we’ve got you covered.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in this line of work since 2008. With over 20 years of total professional experience in tree removal, you can count on us to know what we’re doing. We can ensure safe and efficient tree care services at all times.

How can I get a free estimate?

Just give us a call. We’ll arrange a time to come over and look at what you need. After that, we’ll let you know how much it will cost. It’s that easy and it’s free. So, call for a tree trimming service estimate now!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do! If you’re in the military or a first responder, you get a 12% discount. We want to give back to those who serve our community and country. But of course, this offer may not be the only offer we have. So, take advantage of them right away.

How do I pay?

We try to make paying easy. We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, and even Venmo. And if you prefer to use other payment methods to pay for our tree stump removal service, just call us to let us know about it.

Are you certified?

Yes. Next Generation Landscaping and Tree Service LLC is certified in tree care, which means we know how to do the job right. That’s important when you’re dealing with big trees and heavy equipment in Weatherford, TX.

What does it mean that you’re bonded and insured?

Being bonded and insured is a good thing for you. If an accident happens, we’ve got it covered. You won’t have to worry about any extra costs or problems.

Do you only remove trees?

No, we do more than just take down trees. We also trim trees to keep them healthy. Plus, we can remove stumps, do mulching, set up flower beds, and hardscaping like stone walls, and pathways.

What if I only need a part of a tree removed?

That’s okay too. Sometimes you don’t need to remove the whole tree. Maybe just a branch is hanging too low or is damaged. We can take care of that as well.

How do I get more information or start my project?

If you have more questions or you’re ready to get going, just call us or email us. We’re always happy to chat about what you need.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got more questions. Thank you for considering us for your tree care needs in Weatherford, TX! For further questions about our quality tree service, dial (682) 229-5602 now!

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